1-hour training: (discounts are provided at intervals more than 2 hours)

 Providing consultation to clients and corporations looking to learn about Bitcoin, Ethereum and any altcoin or ICO.

• Working with businesses and individuals who are under Randsomware Attack to safely get their important data and file systems fully restored.

• How to safely buy, sell, store and maintain private keys. Long term solutions in case of computer theft, loss or failure.

• How to use different exchanges for to purchase coins or new tokens (i.e, EhterDelta.)

• Consulting on different crypto to identify and execute trades using technical analysis for any coin on Poloniex, Bittrex, Kraken, & Bitfinex exchanges.

1-Hour Training

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  • 1-hour training:


    bitcoin / blockchain / mining realted

    Understanding transactions, wallets, keys, etc.