How To Save Up To 15% at Amazon

What's the Catch?

Markets are efficient over time any efficiencies are worked out and this is true with Purse. When it first debuted discounts of 30%-40% were regularly heard of. After a few years of get more attention the inefficiency corrected and discounts as of 2017 get fulfilled same day or next at 10%-15%. Complete a handful of ~$25 orders to get a 5 star rating. It might take you a few weeks to get up and running but once you get a few 5 stars you will be getting your orders filled fast.

The only downside is that using Purse can add a few days to orders.  It depends if the person buying your bitcoin has a Prime Account. Other times I have had items arrive next day. 

The key with Purse's service orders up to $200 seem to be the hot spot for getting filled fast.  Once you approach $250+ I generally would just choose to ordering through eGifter and buying a gift card there (2% savings) as the market on Purse is more for lower priced items.

Should you have success or ever try $500+ item please let me know!

SAVE 15%  OFF AMAZON has been around for a few years.  The discount used to be much more like the picture shows, but as time has gone one the market has found some efficiency and now discounts can be had easily for 10%-15%.




Step 1: Click “Add to Wish List.” If you’re new to wish lists, select “Create Wish List” (make sure the list is public).




Step 2: US Customers

select “List Settings” then "List Details".


STEP 2 -


Select “List Actions” then

“Update list profile”




Step 3: Fill out ‘ship to’ section with your address. Make sure that “Third party shipping” is checked. Make sure the “Don’t spoil the surprise” box is unchecked.




Step 4: Navigate on Amazon to your wish list and copy the URL. Paste the URL

into the search bar on Purse.




Step 5: Select a discount

by sliding the bar.

Fund the order.



  1. Whether its true or not I do believe choosing a username that is relevant to being fast with the process.  (i.e, AmazonFast1)

  2. With your Amazon account just have one Wish List where you keep your normal items that your deciding on and one wish list that you use for orders.

  3. Check off items that are delivered for multi-item orders. Escrow is not released until all items are checked off.  This is important to maintain a 5 Star Rating.

  4. Tell the buyer you see they ordered and you will confirm order the day it arrives.

  5. Set a higher discount (15%-25%)for items you don’t need right away. (3 days or more)

  6. Set a discount below 10% for items you need urgently. (generally same day)