“Smart money makes money” is the slogan that Bitcoin Smart Money lives by.


Created by Mark Dukas in 2015, this platform was designed with the smart investor in mind. Visitors can learn about everything they need to know about jumping into the world of cryptocurrency and turning their investment into a profitable venture.


Mark was inspired by the potential in cryptocurrencies and future real-world use cases with Bitcoin and Ethereum.  He also has a strong desire to assist others in doing diversifying their portfolios with uncorrelated assets.

Early Background

Mark has relevant degrees in economics, finance, and business. Mark credits his current path to the education he received when studying economics at the University of Massachusetts. He would also go on to study at the Keller Graduate School of Management, where he gained a Master’s in business administration.



This gave him the foundation he needed to begin his journey into cryptocurrency.

Becoming a Field Specialist

Knowledge is everything in the world of cryptocurrency. Mark doesn’t just know about this field he’s a specialist in it. As well as reviewing the latest trends regarding major currencies and investment behaviors, he also participates in projects on behalf of companies and major investors.


His work involves using technical analysis and a special proprietary algorithm to help dictate where investments should be made and how the holders of those investments should react.


Mark loves his work because he’s passionate about increasing awareness of cryptocurrencies and helping others to get into the industry.


And now Mark is going further than that.


He decided that simply helping big time investors wasn’t enough. He wanted to make cryptocurrency investing and utilization accessible to all. This is why he now offers consulting services to people who want to climb aboard the revolution.

Backing Up His Words

Mark has always said that he doesn’t like people who don’t follow their own advice. That’s why Bitcoin Smart Money operates a policy of complete transparency.


He goes out of his way to tell people what he’s investing in right now. Anyone can see that Mark has an extremely strong track record of making profitable investments in currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and NEO.


Since 2014, he has been an early adopter of Bitcoin and major alt coins. This has given him a unique insight into the long-term trends that other commentators and consultants simply don’t possess. This makes him one of the most qualified cryptocurrency experts around.

Making Smart Money

To condense his knowledge and to provide everyone with an overview of cryptocurrency and what it’s all about, Mark decided to create Bitcoin Smart Money.


This platform gives visitors a full insight into Mark’s vast knowledge. He regularly updates it with the latest news and important tips on how to handle the trends of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a whole.


If you want to become an adopter of cryptocurrency, now has never been a better time to get involved. Take advantage of this platform today and you, too, can become an part of the crypto revolution!